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0796-8613275 / 0796-8613285

No. 66 Litang Road, East District, Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ji'an County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province


Investment support

1. Terminal construction support
“Baisheng” strongly supports partners to open terminal sales stores, and provides professional terminal store image design suggestions. It provides free KT boards, shelves, promotion manuals, product brochures, and other special accessories for some partner stores. Partners work together to create a perfect terminal with a new image.
2, brand promotion, promotion support
“Baisheng” enterprises will invest heavily to build a strong green and environmentally friendly brand of “Baisheng Home Decoration”, and strengthen the “Baisheng Home Improvement” brand promotion through various advertising media such as TV, newspaper, outdoor, magazine and internet, and quickly upgrade the brand terminal. Reputation and reputation, and programmatically provide brand advertising and promotional support for the partner's region.
3,Extensive promotion 
Provide corporate brochures, product brochures, investment brochures, marketing guides, handbags, color cards, sample books, leaflets and other product promotional items, as well as newspaper print ads, specialty stores, road signs, car body, POP, etc. The graphic design and production plan ensures the vivid display of the partner terminal stores and the best effect of regional brand communication.
4, public relations promotion support
Organized various promotional activities and promotion programs for construction workers and consumers in various regions, and distributed various promotional items to actively develop a unique public relations campaign for partners to make “Baisheng” products become the public. And the focus of the news media, further enhance the visibility of new products, guide consumers to actively purchase, to ensure the continuous growth of sales.
5. Regional market support
“Baisheng” will strictly implement the market unified promotion price, improve regional management, ensure that the partner sales areas do not overlap, protect the sales profits of partners, and provide high market rewards and support for regional partners with good sales performance.
6. Business guidance and training support
“Baisheng” will provide partners with professional operation mode advice and guidance, and provide comprehensive management guidance for partners and market training, sales training and technical service training for marketers.
7, expand business support
For the sales channels of partners, the promotion of the community, the management of the construction team, etc., Parkson will assist the partners in in-depth research and analysis, and assist in the development of market operation mode and various promotions. Activities programs and the exchange of experiences in organizing operational models to help partners better operate the market.
Investment support

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